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Hey! Kresimir here!

Sending high quality traffic has become my passion and obsession!

Since 2014 I'm sending the best traffic to hundreds of my clients. Most of them had great results. If you decide to buy traffic from me, my mission will be to help you get the best results possible.

No matter how many clicks you order, I will be happy to connect with you and help. I will give you my opinion about your optin page and funnel, and help you maximize results so you can get best results with my traffic and any other traffic you send to it in the future.​

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Choose one of the packages I have prepared for you or contact me if you have more question or just go through this page and see the success stories from my clients. Best ways to contact me are here.

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FRESH My list is refreshed daily with at least 400 new subscribers and I always send to the complete list - so I make sure that buyers are included every time you order!

CONTROL I will personally follow your stats and make sure that your order is doing well and that it's delivered on time. 

FREE gifts are included, depending on the order type you will receive FREE Skype consultation with me, full funnel review, customized 7 days email sequence for your offer, ebook "How To Get Best Results With Solo Ads Traffic​

GUARANTEE I will include 40% optin guarantee, but to be elegible for that, I will need to check out your squeeze page first.​

REGULAR Clicks - You will receive:

  • Minimum 80% T1 countries
  • Free Ebook "How To Get Best Results With Solo Ads Traffic"
  • Full Funnel Review
  • Full support through email, Skype and Facebook

Included BUYERS Clicks - You will receive:

  • 100% T1 countries
  • Free Ebook "How To Get Best Results With Solo Ads Traffic"
  • Full Funnel Review
  • 30 Minute Skype Consultation Call 
  • 7 days email sequence - I will personaly edit my proven email sequence so it fits your offer


1. Select your package and finish payment process. If you want 40% optin rate guarantee, please contact me before ordering. 

2. After that, please fill the form and enter your link where you want the traffic to go

3. I will contact you within 24 hours (most of the times much much faster, but of course sometimes I need to sleep, too!) to inform you about the status of your order and about gifts that are included with your order​

4. I will deliver your traffic as promised - usually within 72 hours for most of the packages - only the biggest packages sometimes take a little more to be delivered​


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