Author: David

Risks when buying Solo Ads

Nowadays, we are often faced with deception and fraud.

But despite this, every time we trust these unscrupulous deceivers and fall for

the hook. Marketing is no exception, because even here we can run into the bad

guys. However, things are not so bad and not so dangerous if you remain

vigilant and learn from the bad experiences of those who have already burned

themselves. But some of the teary stories are more stories of marketers who

just didn't do their homework. They have no one to blame for the bad results

but themselves. There are the tips below to help you to make your email marketing risk free.

1. The main dangers when buying Solo Ads

1.1. Unreliable vendors

Perhaps reliable and conscientious vendors are the key

to the success of email lists. However, as in any area of ​​business,

there are many insidious people in this marketplace, the so-called "Internet marketing

vultures" who hunt newcomers, considering them easy prey. Newbies of solo ads are

inexperienced, rarely track their link statistics, and therefore are easily

vulnerable. It is important that the email list made by vendor is legitimate. The

scam scheme is as follows: companies use software that scans websites all day

and collects as many addresses as possible. These people did not subscribe

themselves, they don't want their email address to be used, so you cannot send mail to them. In many countries such actions are prohibited by the privacy policy.

So, unreliable vendors are the main problem of having a poor quality and ineffective email list.

1.2. Subscribers don't make purchases

An unreliable vendor is the cause of nearly all

troubles, including a lack of purchases. Certainly, you should not rely on

"all at once", even if the vendor has a good reputation in online

marketing. However, if for a long time the result does not appear and sales are not increasing, then it is

worth considering. The reason may be a poorly compiled list for solo ads. That

means unreliable seller may have included in this list people who are not

interested in your product, so it's no surprise that they don't click on the

link and don't want to make a purchase. They are not your potential customers and you won't be able to make sales on them.

1.3. Not enough clicks

The number of clicks is the percentage of clicks on

links in an email. This indicator shows the recipient's involvement in the

content of your message, that is, how interesting and useful it is for the

recipient. The average click-through rate is 3.42%, and this figure varies by

industry. The lack of clicks can be for the same reason as the lack of

purchases (this is a consequence of the low number of clicks).

However it is worth mentioning the fact that low

activity can be the result of not only the wrongly chosen vendors, but also a

poorly executed solo ads, its design and content. Therefore, be sure to pay attention

to the type of solo ads, consult with familiar friends, colleagues to get feedback.

2. How to minimize risks when buying Solo Ads

2.1. Make sure you have an email follow up sequence

Many people, after buying an individual mailing list,

are faced with the fact that they don't make money or they even lose

them. And after that, they usually refuse to buy solo ads. That is, they

are not trying to increase their traffic after a failure. They just give up.

However, even the best marketers who purchase paid traffic and tailor-made ads

aren't bathed in wealth right from the start. But they are calm, because they

have tested traffic many times, they know their indicators and are confident

that after a certain time they will start making a profit. Newbies of solo ads rarely pay

attention to such things. You should do more and success will not keep you

waiting. You will make money soon.

Traffic is done and now you need  to turn visitors into leads. Email marketing

is about building a relationship to ‘warm up’ cold leads.

You’d rather like people to ask you ‘when are you

going to offer something, I’m ready to buy’ than they get irritated because

your emails are all about buying and not about share value with the

subscribers. So, you should do everything to turn your leads into your fans.

2.2. Test more sellers than one

This area should be done by «trials and errors». If

you bought a set of clicks and it didn't work, you don't need to give up. It is

worth placing an order with another seller and drawing certain conclusions from

your past experience. To be more successful when choosing a partner, ask him a

few questions:

1. How was these mailing lists created? If you are

boasted of a list with a huge number of subscribers, which was created in a

surprisingly short time, then you should not believe it, this is clearly a


2. How often do marketers send an email to their

list? Here you need to decide for yourself which option is best. If the

solo ads are active every day, it can scare your potential customers. It is

better to do this at reasonable intervals.

3. Does this list fit your proposal? For example, if a

person signed up to receive an e-book, then he is unlikely to be interested in

sports topics. Your product must be useful for every email address listed on the solo ad.

4. What is the average open rate and average click

through rate (CTR)? However, it's also important to keep in mind the quality of

your ad here. After all, no matter how great the CTR, if your submission is not

good enough, the results will be poor. Remember, that you might be paid per click, because the more clicks, the more potential sales and more money you will make.

5. What is the percentage of spam complaints? Typically, the number of spam

complaints is around 0.1%. More than 0.2% is the red flag.

Be ready to talk to others, who have an experience of using this website and made an order for solo ad from this venor. Try to make sure the list owner is worth your money. Visit the mailing list owner's

website, see their social media. And, of course, try to find his name by google

his name and see if anyone is complaining about him.

In order to make sure for yourself that the seller you

have chosen does not give you false information and is honestly doing his job,

try adding yourself to the mailing list and see how it works from the outside.

2.3. Start small, scale small

Many newbies believe that it is necessary to start by

buying a lot of clicks, but this does not necessarily lead to great results.

Start with 100 clicks. Did you get a good result? Then you can start to

gradually increase. You should not immediately flatter yourself and scale from

100 clicks to 10,000 at once, because you may be disappointed. Nothing comes

right away, so it’s best to add a little bit by looking at the positive trend

while researching the results. In general, you should be slow to act. You are

just getting started on the one-to-one mailing list, you are just starting to research

how your landing page works and you will need to work with 3-5 lists to figure

out which is right for you.

2.4. Be consistent

A quote from the great Henry Ford fits wonderfully

here: "The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who

stops the clock to save time." For your business to flourish, you need to

keep advertising your product, promote it in new ways, and improve the product

itself. To get consistent results, you need to be consistent.

Summing up, it must be said that no one is immune from

failure in business, including in promoting their product. This does not mean

that you have to give up on the first failure. You need to try further and look

for the best advertising option for your product. The path will be mastered by

the one walking, you will definitely have everything, you need only patience

and hard work and be sure, you will create the best solo ad with the best results.