Author: David

Mistakes and misconceptions in the Solo Ads business

1. Major misconceptions when buying Solo Ads

Email marketing - one of the first types of internet marketing, is an effective tool for make money online. The main objective is to build communication between companies and customers.

Thanks to modern technology, you can start making money without leaving your home. This is especially true these days.

Solo Ads business is the great possibility to make money online. This kind of the online business will only work with the right approach. Many people are familiar with the Solo Ads receive it, heard and read about it. Some of them tried to practice, but stopped after a few attempts.

The following are the main misconceptions related to the purchase of Solo Ads and provides a guide to action.

  1.1. Solo Ads are not working

According to statistics, almost 4 billion people use e-mail. To connect with your customers, email is one of the best ways to get in touch.

Some data from the field of internet marketing:

- After receiving individual advertising, about half of the customers make purchases;

- Attracting customers through email is dozens of times more effective than through social media and websites.

If only you have the resources, free time, and money to make personal contact with each of your potential customers, there is no better marketing tool than email.

To make Solo Ad work and generate good income, you need to consider the following factors:

- How long has the list been compiled?

- Is the mailing list your audience?

- Are there many active buyers among them?

Most of the work is a continuous loop of testing mailing lists and adjusting the parameters of interest. And don't forget to check results.

  1.2. Solo Ads don't bring customers

Before you start making money, you need to develop a business model. It includes the following steps:

- Work on content. Decide on a niche and target audience, for whom the goods will be intended;

- Implementation of tools. Integrate the service with your website so people can subscribe to your newsletter;

- Setting up mailing services. Choose a mailing method (manual or automatic), mailing frequency, amount of content.

Success in attracting buyers depends, first of all, on a correctly compiled list. Currently, it is difficult to find or compile a list of people who are not listed in many other bases. It is advisable to work with an existing list of loyal customers accustomed to internet marketing.

Building a list and building trust with customers is the main goal. This is called creating a sales funnel. Creating a successful sales funnel will require several key components:

- Traffic quality. Quality means the conformity of the product and the target audience;

- Content quality. The content must have value for the buyer;

- A tool for capturing email addresses. This could be a subscription form.

Next, you can apply A / B testing.

1.3. The more clicks, the higher the conversion

More clicks doesn't mean better. The number of purchases and their cost play the main role. Conversion rate of customer list may be different. The number of conversions is influenced by the advertising company, the quality of traffic, the usability of the site, work with potential clients and clients who perform targeted actions.

By analyzing the number of clicks and the number of conversions, you can calculate the amount of money per click. Constantly researching the quantity and quality of your traffic, experimenting and evaluating the results will be extremely useful in achieving your goals.

Here are some tips to help you increase conversions in your solo ad business:

- Personalization of letters. The likelihood of opening a letter if the client's name appears in the header increases almost 2 times. It is also important to send letters at the correct time, it is unlikely that a letter sent in the middle of the night will interest the buyer. There are many services that help track the geolocation and opening time of user emails;

- Using interactive elements such as GIFs and rollover effects. These elements can be blocked by individual applications;

- Adding video content. It can grab attention, help you become familiar with the product or service on offer, and pass the time. Users will be able to view it directly from the email;

- Write headlines with emoji. Helps dilute formal text and make it stand out from many other letters;

- Intrigue with headlines. You can heat up interest in the product, for example, by a series of mailings, where in each of the letters cover only a part of the information.

- Adapt emails for smartphones. The most relevant advice as many (if not most) users check their mail from smartphones.

1.4. The market is saturated

Another misconception. Many are afraid to engage in this type of activity, because they think that all niches in this market are occupied, but this is not so. Progress does not stop, new types of goods and services, new methods of promotion appear. There is really a lot of competition in some areas of the market, but this does not mean that it is not worth trying.

Solo ad is suitable for any business with a resale potential. Therefore, it remains a popular and cheap channel, which at least pays off, and as a maximum can bring a considerable amount per click.

2. How not to make a mistake when buying Solo Ads

Many people are interested in buying a list of email addresses. It's much easier than build a list of subscribers yourself. There are 2 forms of getting a list of email addresses:

- Rent a list. The list owner sends the mailing list on your behalf, during the paid period. The mailing list is not available to you.

- Buying a list. This method is most preferable because it is possible to control the process. There is a possibility of purchasing a low-quality list (with non-existent email addresses or with addresses obtained by dishonest means).

When you buying Solo Ad, you should keep in mind that the results of an advertising campaign directly depends on other people (not always conscientious). First of all, choose a solo ad vendor. You can find him on special website or social media network. Pay attention to his rating and reviews. Get started your cooperation with the solo ad vendor with a small purchase.

The following describes the procedure for the most effective promotion in the field of Solo Ad.

2.1. Contact Solo Ads sellers

To make sure the purity of the transaction, talk to the solo ad seller and ask clarifying questions. This will avoid buying a low-quality list, as well as scams. Here is a sample list of discussion questions:

- How was the list formed?

- Has this list been on sale before?

- Whether the guarantee is given?

2.2. Run ads that are relevant to your niche

To prevent your ad from being flagged as spam, your mailing list must match the niche. However, it can also happen that you attract a random buyer or a buyer from another list.

2.3. Test different ad elements

Ad must be compelling and credible. This can be achieved by building a harmonious ad that attracts attention. This means that elements such as the subject of the Solo Ad, the copy of the email address and the graphic part must be consistent with each other. The following is a list of items recommended for testing:

- Personalization;

- Emoji. The main thing is not to overdo it;

- Call to action;

- Clearly formulated product offers;

- Indication of your own name and links to social networks, phone number;

- Adding alternative text. For some users, images are not loaded, text will be displayed instead;

- Subscription confirmation;

- Feedback form;

- Reminders.

All of these can be useful for the functioning of the sales funnel. Remember, if the recipient follows the link and makes a purchase, then the goal has been achieved!