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How to choose a Solo Ads provider

If you want to use solo ads to quickly increase your email subscriber list, there are a few things to consider when choosing Solo Ads provider. Solo Ad provider is someone who you should purchase traffic from. You need to make sure that the email list of your potential provider consists of your target audience. Also, in order to be sure that the Solo Ad providers offer high-quality services and solo ads work, you should test the email list.

Why it is important to choose the right provider

The choice of a provider should be approached very carefully. Internet marketing is more complex than it might seem. You need to conduct a study of the target audience, decide on the format, find websites, develop a strategy, put the company's website in order. The work will be large and diverse, and it should be done by the people who see the big picture clearly and know what goal the client wants to achieve.

When buying an email list, you need to make sure that you understand your target audience, namely their age, gender, and interests. It is better to find an ad provider who sells and promotes their own product. Therefore, such email lists are more likely to be really working. You should ask the seller about the frequency of purchases made by these customers and the amount of money they spend.

Recommendations from trusted people

When it comes to buying Solo Ads, there are several options where you can buy it. One of these options is to reach out to trusted people. Such Solo Ad provider often does not need advertising because he has already gained trust in his field of activity.

You can search for Solo Ads providers on Google. After you find a provider that you think is reliable, you need to find information about him. It is recommended to buy a small number of clicks for the first time to check the provider. You should also pay attention to user reviews. Some reviews may be outdated, but providers may use them, thereby providing a non-valid customer base. It's best to watch the comments and recent reviews on Facebook, because you'll be sure that they are most likely official.

Buying from marketers

Another way to buy ads is marketers. Marketers, or as they are also called, Solo vendors often have a large number of email subscribers. They are quite easy to find on the Internet. However, there is a risk of buying solo ads traffic from such individual sellers. It consists in the fact that there is a chance of getting useless clicks. Therefore, it is better to develop your own list of ad providers from whom you make a purchase on a regular basis.

Purchase on marketplaces

The safest way to purchase ads is through the marketplace. This is a platform where a large range of sellers with reviews from buyers is provided. Advertising platforms such as Udimi, Solochecker and many others unite all individual sellers in one place and protect them from fraud. Suck marketers are very good places to broaden your list of subscribers . Also, there is an option of choosing the ad placement location.

Udimi market place

Udimi is a platform for selling and buying traffic. Here honest sellers meet smart buyers and establish a successful long-term partnership. Advertiser orders are completed within a few hours after payment. The platform works with PayPal and accept payments from Bank cards.

The platform, as an intermediary, charges a commission for each transaction. Only an advertiser can register on the site for free. To become a webmaster, you will have to buy a Prime status.

From the vey beginning to this day, the main feature of Udimi is strict control over the quality of traffic, as well as creating safe conditions for conducting transactions. Udimi prevents fake clicks that helps clients not to be scammed. The service provides not only technical support for transactions with a security guarantee, but also allows advertisers who have paid for an order for at least 30-40 $to leave reviews about the work of webmasters. They are used to guarantee two ratings: the overall rating (negative and positive reviews) and the percentage of positive reviews with a confirmed conversion. Regardless of the type of offer , the platform only works on one model - pay - per - click. The package can include a minimum of 50 clicks, and a maximum of 1000 clicks. Average cost per click is 0.3 - 0.5 $.


Advertising on forums is one of the most effective methods of marketing on the Internet. By posting posts on thematic forums, you can present a product, service, or website in the right way, and create a positive image of the company and brand in the eyes of public. The popularity of forums is only increasing today, so it would be a mistake to neglect such a useful, most often, target audience.

A forum is a site where users can freely communicate on various topics. Forums are always thematic that means that it is as easy as possible to find your audience and niche - just find the necessary post or create a new one in the appropriate section.

People's trust in forums is very high because "live" people communicate here, share tips and opinions. Therefore, careful advertising on forms will be perceived in a positive way.

Thanks to the forums you can manage people's opinions about a company or product, even if negative reviews have appeared on the the network. Popular forums have a huge audience, so any advertising message will quickly spread among a large number of users. Forum visitors can themselves become carriers of your advertising, spreading the necessary information on other thematic sites.

Forum advertising is effective and inexpensive method. However, the return from it will be 100% only if a professional approach is taken.

Most of time users spend on numerous forums, which are 2 types:

  1. General thematic ( within the same resource there are many discussed topics);
  2. Thematic (specific focus).

Regardless of the type, forums usually have their own regular audience, which can sometimes amount to hundreds of thousands of Internet users. One of the main aspects of this type of promotion is working with opinion leaders and developing active discussions on topics promoted by agents (after that real users also join them).

How effective is advertising on forums?

Advertising on forums is a service that requires a professional approach, despite the external ordinariness of forum communication. The fact is that on many forums, advertising is strictly prohibited in discussions, so moderators quickly delete posts and comments of an advertising nature. The main task is to create a message that does not look like propaganda. Simple communication , friendly advice, a non-intrusive recommended product, a link to the site to confirm your words. The forum administration even supports a live discussion that draws users' attention to t he issue.

The main advantage of such a tool as promotion on forums is that the information published on them is placed for a very long time ( meaning the time of existence of the site where the information will be). During this time , thousands of people will be able to see it, and if the information is presented in thematic sections, and with the appropriate use of viral marketing methods, then most of those who read this ad won't be potential but target clients who are directly interested in the products and services provided by your company.

For each client, and if necessary - for each promotion, a separate database of forums is compiled, which is formed based on the subject, tasks and goals of the project promotion. The forums select a whole range of sites that contain the maximum number of users interested in the products or services offered. The result is the effect of the so-called targeted impact on the target audience.

Social media groups

Solo Ads sellers can also be found on social networks, such as Facebook. There are many Solo Ad Facebook groups that you can join.

One of the best groups is called Solo Ads Testimonials. This is a group for Solo Ads providers and buyers. In these groups, customers leave recommendations and reviews regarding Solo Ads sellers, namely:

  • the seller's name;
  • the type of ad purchased;
  • the number of desired clicks;
  • the number of clicks received.

They can also share the provider's website, or the provider itself leaves a comment to the buyer's publication, attaching a link to its website below. The websites of advertising sellers provide all the necessary information for the buyer, namely a step-by-step introduction to the purchase of advertising, videos about the different types of advertising that they provide and what you will get by purchasing it. As a rule, Solo Ads providers attach a link to their personal Facebook account, where you can ask any question you are interested in.

Thus, high-quality Solo Ad providers allow you to quickly increase the number of potential customers and the number of sales. However, at the same time, it is recommended to check the data about service providers.